Prism Analytics and its partners are developing a variety of features and functionalities in handling video and sensor data that come from WAMI sensors and platforms.

WAMI Challenges

  • Management of WAMI is a growing Big Data problem
  • Large variety of proprietary WAMI platforms and sensors
  • The storage optimization for WAMI is a huge task
  • Moving the data from the source to data center even with high bandwidths is still a challenge
  • Creating a scalable solution is not a simple task

WAMI becomes valuable when merged with other video and data sources such as Aerial Maps, Sensor Data, CCTV cameras, etc.

Our Solution

  • Ingests any video, sensor and other data from multiple WAMI platforms
  • Delivers WAMI quickly and efficiently in a secure way where ever it is located (UAV, Ground Station, Data Center, etc.)
  • Geospatial and temporal based (once you know where and when then you can get to what)
  • Scalable
  • High-performance computing
  • Provides a scenario based solution for customer needs
  • Incorporates Video Stitching to create large live maps
  • Pattern analysis such as tracking, mosaicking and change detection to create a dynamic picture of a vast area
  • Ingests WAMI with other video and sensor data to provide a full picture