The nature and type of security threats facing airports worldwide are constantly changing. The technologies and practices of precision agriculture offer the potential to fundamentally alter agricultural decision making. Precision agriculture helps farmers with fertilizer management, soil analytics, weather, crop analysis using a drone that is precisely controlled via satellites and local sensors and using software that accurately predicts crop development.

Unified Platform

Accept video and data from multiple sources such as fixed cameras, drones, social media, mobile phones, Sensors, and other digital data sources. PrismAnalytics merges all the video, data and audio from multiple sources simultaneously to create a truly powerful intelligence and surveillance platform.


Apply preventive measures and detect negative situations while there is still time to take effective action. While helping increase the safety of people and assets, PrismAnalytics security and intelligence platform also helps optimize operations and minimize risks by reducing infrastructure cost and complexity.


Increase efficiency and reduce costs by our intuitive interface. PrismAnalytics systems were designed to offer a clean and effective user experience to minimize training. This will allow you to reduce your training costs while enable your personnel to find what they are looking for faster than ever.

Remote Access

Access your video and data anytime, anywhere, from any authorized device. PrismAnalytics systems can be deployed in a cloud (your cloud or ours, public or private) or in an existing data center on hardware you already own or it can be delivered as a stand-alone appliance.


Stream your video real-time. Sometime you have less than seconds to save lives or prevent something bad before it happens. Whether you are in a remote location with limited bandwidth or flying an unmanned vehicle, we will stream your video faster than any other company.


Scale as you grow and as your needs change. PrismAnalytics offers modular, easy to deploy products for your specific needs. Our systems has the flexibility to scale from small to large applications and can support additional cameras, devices, locations, and users.

Open architecture

Demand a flexible system with an open architecture. PrismAnalytics’s open platform seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure and allow you to implement a system that can be specifically tailored to match your individual needs. Our systems work with a wide range of surveillance cameras, encoders, and other video and data platforms to give you the flexibility to pick and choose.


Secure and protect your data. We take data security issues seriously. All of our products incorporate data encryption (at rest and in transmission), data privacy, data protection, chain-of-custody, and audit trail. There is no need to have a security system if the data is not properly secured at every stage.

Video Analytics

Go from reactive to proactive by utilizing comprehensive video analytics. PrismAnalytics VISapps offers a full range of video analytics such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, intrusion detection, object left behind, suspicious behavior detection, etc.
learn more: VISapps


Share and collaborate with your team across the organization around the world. With PrismAnalytics systems, you will be able to easily plan, search, manage, report and share content.


Spend less and gain more. We analyze every cost element to eliminate all unnecessary expense to offer a superior system at the best price. We know you have a limited budget and our goal is to help you pick the best system to reduce hardware and software expenses and ability to increase profits by integrating business intelligence.