Unleash the potential power of data-rich video content with Prism Analytics products!

Accept video and data from all digital sources including CCTV cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile devices, social media, and various sensors and turn them into actionable insight.

Video Intelligence & Surveillance (VIS)

VIS is an advanced, highly scalable and easy to use video and data management platform that aims to empower users to solve complex security and business intelligence problems where time is critical for decision-making.

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Video Analytics Library (VISapps)

VISapps is a scenario-based video analytics library designed to detect negative situations while there is still time to take effective action. Each app is composed of multiple video analytics to solve the specific problem.

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Mobile Video Broadcast (VISpass)

VISpass is the only truly mobile video encoder on the market that allows you to stream live video over any type of network. With VISpass, you can view your live video anywhere in the world and share it with whoever you want.

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VISapps Approach to Identity

Identity is more than just a face recognition system! An Identity is better determined after answering specific questions?

  • What are their personal attributes?

    Hard Biometrics – Face, Iris, Periocular, Ear, Gait, etc. Soft Biometrics – Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Facial Hair, Height, Weight, etc.

  • Where are they physically located?

    Scene Analytics – Environment, geo-location, scene understanding, etc

  • How are they behaving? With whom are they associating?

    Behavioral Analytics – Abnormal/suspicious behaviors, associations, etc.

  • How are they moving around?

    What type of transportation are they using?

PrismAnalytics VIS: Video Intelligence & Surveillance