Precision Agriculture

Track your crop and reduce cost.

The technologies and practices of precision agriculture offer the potential to fundamentally alter agricultural decision making. Precision agriculture helps farmers with fertilizer management, soil analytics, weather, crop analysis using a drone that is precisely controlled via satellites and local sensors and using software that accurately predicts crop development.


Remote Sensing and Intelligence Platform

Increase productivity
Decrease production costs
Minimize environmental impact
Monitor your farm
Optimize Operations
Apply Preventative Measures
Minimize Risk
Utilize your data
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Seamless Integration

PrismAnalytics’ open systems integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure.
We accept video and data from multiple sources such as Fixed Cameras, Social Media, Mobile Phones, and Sensors, etc.


Easy to Use

Our intuitive interface was designed for the end user with minimum to no training.
Save money on training and get what you are looking for fast
Easily plan, search, manage, report and share content
Easily configure the system as your needs change.


Scalable Cloud Solution

Access your video and data anytime. anywhere. from any device. PrismAnalytics platform can be deployed in a cloud (your cloud or ours, public or private) or in an existing data center on hardware you already own or it can be delivered as a stand-alone appliance.
Scalable video management software with advanced alarm monitoring, real-time alerting, and investigation capabilities, and minimum false positives.