Deliver your video right from where you want and view it from anywhere in the world!

VISpass is the first and only truly mobile video encoder you will ever need.

Broadcast live video (SD or HD) over 4G LTE to the cloud/data center for real-time situational awareness, exploitation and sharing. It is designed for stand alone operation or integration with cloud services you already have such as Dropbox and robust services like VIS, the revolutionary video and sensor data management platform.


  • No power?

    No problem. Battery power gives you the flexibility to go anywhere and broadcast everywhere.

  • No 4G LTE available?

    VIS Pass also archives – a micro SD card (up to 512GB) provides flexible, removable storage for hours of video and sensor data. Once bandwidth is available, a simple one-click upload to VIS securely transmits your archive to your server or the cloud. Built-in WiFi with up to 8 miles of range, and Ethernet provide local sharing and network connectivity, so all your bases are covered.


  • Plug in anything.

    HDMI, SDI, analog, digital, composite? VISpass accepts them all. Just plug in and stream standardized h.264 and WebM plus archive a MISP transport stream complete with KLV metadata.

  • Live stream everywhere.

    With a live streaming service, you can share your video live to anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world. When your mission is complete, the archived video and sensor data can be set to automatically appear in your Dropbox. Technology shouldn’t get in the way. We believe the service should be simple and “just work”, with the focus on your mission.