VISapps is a video analytics library supporting virtually any video and data source.

While competitors offer video analytics one at a time, VISapps can combine multiple sets of analytics into a more holistic, scalable and robust video intelligence apps. By commoditizing the analytics, we don’t have to start over like our competitors every time a better algorithm is introduced. Thus, we operate faster and create new apps faster than anyone else on the market.


Why VISapps ?Scenario-based video analytics apps

  • Unifying architecture
  • Multiple video analytics in a single pass
  • Algorithm agnostic/swap-able
  • Agile software practice
  • Configurable/automated workflows engine
  • Mine simultaneous video and imagery streams
    from different sources
  • Assimilation engines
  • High performance computing infrastructure.
  • Execute analytics on both CPU and GPU
    hardware architectures for optimum performance
  • Economy of scale
  • Evolving best of market analytics
  • Quickly incorporate a wide range of new video
    and imagery analytics
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Advanced R&D partners

VISapps Core Capabilities

VISapps’ core technology mines video using complex workflow engines that enable multiple scenarios to be processed by applying multiple analytics on the same video in real-time . VISapps technology can be tightly integrated with VIS or any other platform.